PalmCare Destress

PalmCare Destress


Palmcare Destress is a body, mind and soul grounding technique based on deep stretch, breath based methods which mixes different yoga postures and body movements.


This session is developed for each individual to reach a calmer, more balanced and flexible state with a consciousness more awakened and aware through breathing techniques and simple yoga postures in order for you to achieve more balance from within and out.

SBM Destress Premium


Body Destress is a full-body destress therapy combined to remove toxins, rejuvenate the body and relax the mind.


SBM Destress Premium is based on a series of deep stretch yoga postures combined with soundhealing and a customised aromatherapy.


This methodology reduces mental, emotional and physical strain and tension every session ends with a deep grounding guided chakra meditation.

All essential oils, yoga mats and pillows are 100% organic.

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