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"I believe that music is a direct way to get in touch with our emotions, which can be used as a tool for healing, motivation and inspiration. My latest release talks about believing in your intuition and personal soul journey." - Nadi Love

Balance is essential in life to have a healthy body and to achieve a sustainable and long term healthy lifestyle in correspondence with your body, soul and mind. ​In order to achieve optimal balance we need in this century different tools and daily practices to address mental, physical and spiritual overall harmony.


The Palmcare life coaching methodology is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which Nadi Love helps you, achieve your personal life goals.


SBM Destress Premium is a body, mind and soul grounding technique based on deep yoga stretch, guided breathing techniques which mixes different yoga postures and body movements including organic aromatherapy and sound healing.

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Welcome to PalmCare

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