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PalmCare Therapeutic-Grade Oils


As a holistic health mentor and certified essential oil practitioner with more then 15 years of experience in 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, I have been inspired to create a series of 8 specific essential oil blends that I believe are the most efficient blends to support many of our daily needs for mental and physical detox, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, energising, motivational and calming, as I want to share my holistic approach to healthcare by implementing 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils on a regular basis.

I have used 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils since the age of 16 for many various reasons, all from making my own 100% pure natural perfume to healing a cold/virus or healing an inflammation in the body, calming the nervous system, getting better sleep and even keeping mosquitos away.

I believe 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils are natures pure medicine and I believe we can all benefit from using these amazing oils intentionally and on a regular basis.

The PalmCare Essentials oil line is a custom-made series of oils for mental and physical de-stress and anti-viral benefits, based on 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years to calm the nervous system, for anti-bacterial & anti-viral purposes, and which has been proven to have many ancient healing properties. 


Many people have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress during these past months, due to the global big shifts and uncertainty due to the new situation where there has been big changes in our daily lives and lifestyle. These changes has made it more important than ever to take good care of our overall mental & physical health and maintain a strong healthy immune system. One good way to do so is by implementing 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils on a regular basis. 


Therapeutic-grade essential oils are extremely potent and are called natures medicine for many good reasons. 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils used in the right and proper way create amazing health-beneficial results in a 100% natural and organic way.

Welcome to PalmCare's Therapeutic-Grade Oils,

            Nadi Love



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