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Professional Education


Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

(Lago CPH)

Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free Diet

High-Life Force Nutrition

Certified Reflexology


Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Practitioner​

(CVT) Complete vocal technique


12 mos. Body Language & Voice Tuning


Jazz Academy


Certified Business NLP Coach 

(Sten Bech Hansen)

12 mos. Stanislavski Method Acting


Experts Academy, Brendon Burchard, San Diego, CA, USA


High Performance Academy, Brendon Burchard, London, UK


Certified Professional Singer,

Atlat Music Academy +

Complete Vocal Institute Cph.

(Cathrine Sadolin)


Reiki Healing 1 -

Tipsmark healing center

Chakra Energy Healing +

 Chakra Therapy

(Hay House, USA)

"I believe that music is a direct way to get in touch with our emotions, which can be used as a tool for healing, motivation and inspiration. My latest release talks about believing in your intuition and personal soul journey."


- Nadi

Experience & Expertise

12 year American Gospel - Kefas & We Are One 

Professional Psychotherapy Mentoring, 80 hrs

Destress & Mindfulness Course

Inner-Child Course

Professional Ballet Dance Academy, 6 yrs

Developer & Director, Bio-dynamic Retail Store (DK)


Practiced 100% Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Diet (since age 16)


Love Divine Workshop, Wayne W. Dyer, Maui, HI, USA


I Can Do It, Louise L. Hay, Hay House, New York, NY, USA


Unleash The Power Within, Tony Robbins, London, UK

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Nadi was born in Denmark on December 24th into an artistic, loving and open-minded family with a mother being a musical actress in the musical Hair and father being a well known big band lead singer and percussionist in the late seventies.

From the age of five, Nadi started singing in a children's choir, danced classical and jazz ballet and knew already from a very young age that she wanted to sing and write music about her hope and beliefs for a better world. With a need to serve in the name of love, she pursued her inner calling, followed her intuition and at age 16, Nadi started traveling throughout Europe working as a fashion model while attending the music academy Atlat in Paris. During this period Nadi also toured the US and Europe with the famous gospel choirs “We are One” and “Kefas”.

Nadi has always been highly passionate about living a healthy holistic lifestyle. All her life, Nadi has been inspired and guided through her intuition to healing her own life by implementing energy cleansing and body enriching daily habits which address the balances between soul, body and mind.

Nadi's holistic lifestyle was instrumental during a very life changing period in her life when her beloved mother went into a coma following a surgical failure which demanded high levels of mental strength, enormous responsibilities and overall attention while navigating this extreme life changing incident. This life changing incident resulted in Nadi having to postphone her music at the jumping point of her music career, which led Nadi to studying holistic health. During this period, Nadi could draw from her numerous healing practices such as daily yoga and meditation, healthy diet, positive philosophy and keeping faith which helped her get by the challenging years which suddenly demanded her. This unexpected incident made Nadi truly realise how essential her self-caring and disciplined healthy lifestyle was to also help her get through the most challenging time in her life, which then inspired her to become a professional holistic lifestyle strategist and mentor with a purpose to inspire and guide others.

Nadi combines all necessary elements in order to inspire and enable others to regain balance, attain an energetic flow and implement a holistic high performance lifestyle.

Nadi has for the last decade developed different methodologies combining numerous certified educations within Yoga, Chakra Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, High Performance Life Coaching and Healing Through Music. Her relationship to her music is now a big part of her life again and Nadi is this year recording her debut album Lady Blu which is dedicated in the remembrance of her beloved motherand her dear friend and teacher Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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