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About PalmCare

PalmCare is a holistic practice for ambitious individuals who wish to achieve personal success, inner balance, more confidence and an overall healthy lifestyle.

The services offered within PalmCare are based on methodologies developed in a way that combines different tools to connect body, mind and soul through breathing techniques, NLP-coaching, high life-force nutrition, sound healing, meditation and guided intuition work.

PalmCare collaborates with executives, entrepreneurs and other high-achieving individuals who are dedicated to live a vibrant, high performance and fulfilled life.

PalmCare has been founded by singer-songwriter, holistic health strategist and high performance mentor, Nadi. Nadi’s intention with PalmCare is to create an environment that enables people to discover their true soul purpose in order to become the best version of their authentic self and reaching their highest potential.

Fundamental Pillars

of the Holistic Health 360™ Lifestyle Approach

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